Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Charlie Horse Again?

What is a Charlie Horse?
The term Charlie Horse refers to any cramp where a muscle is locked in a contracted position. This most commonly seems to happen in the leg, particularly the calf area. However, it is not limited to this area. It is also known to happen in the neck and chin, among other places.

What causes a Charlie Horse?
A charlie horse can be a symptom for many different things. It can be caused by deficiencies of such things as magnesium or potassium. Certain medications, and dehydration can also cause them. You can even also get a charlie horse by being struck suddenly.

What can I do if I get a charlie horse?
One of the ways you can best get rid of the charlie horse, is to stretch the muscle that is cramping. If it is in your calf, try pointing your toes up as high as you can.

Frequent Cramping
Getting charlie horses is usually not a major problem, but in some cases can be a sign of serious medical issues. If you experience charlie horses regularly you should probably go to the doctor as soon as possible to just make sure you don't have any underlying issues.

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