Monday, February 28, 2011

You Can Do It Too

This is one of my clients who does exactly what I tell her and she's seeing the results she wants to see. When she first started with me, she was at 285 and unhappy. When she first came to me, I couldn't get her to run without being mad or Now at 195, she's happy and more closer to her goal than she's ever been. She works her butt off in the gym and runs on her own when she's not training with me. She did it with no gastric bypass, lipo, or lap band. I'm not knocking those who have done it or planning to. I'm just showing you that with patience, focus, consistency, and discipline, you can do the same thing. Be encouraged. If you are not where you wanna be, what are you waiting for? Start now! Give your body the tender love and care it deserves. You only get one.

How To Get a Flat Stomach

When you lose weight, you lose according to your genetics and how your body stores fat. So when you lose weight, you can't just take the fat off one spot of your body. You usually lose from all over and sometimes some areas more quickly than others...according to your genes. In order to trim up your stomach, you need to develop healthy eating habits and workout consistently. Smaller portions, frequent small meals, and avoiding heavy meals later in the day help. To put it simply, resistance and weight training build muscle. Cardio burns the fat on top so you can actually see the muscle underneath as your fat percentage lowers. You'll never see that 6 pack if you don't burn the fat and lower your body fat percentage. This applies to other body parts as well. If you don't lose the fat on top, you'll look bulky because the muscle pushes the fat out. Make health and fitness a lifetstyle. Working out and eating right work hand in hand to produce the best results. Doing one without the other produces half results. I have a lot of tips to help you throughout my blog. Go back through the archives and check out my articles.